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left Oh My Heck Marketing partners with you to find the most effective use of your advertising and marketing dollars. We care about your business and provide personalized and enthusiastic service.

We work with you to develop recommendations on the most effective ways to invest advertising dollars in order to achieve the overall communications goals.

On the average, American households watch 8-1/4 hours of television a day. For over half a century television advertising has earned an excellent, consistent, successful track record of promoting products and services. Oh My Heck Marketing can help you plan your next television campaign.

Consider buying sponsorships such as news, weather or traffic, you'll receive the first spot in the commercial break and often a five to ten second "billboard" to say something about your company. Participating in contests will also get you lots of on-air mentions. Contact Oh My Heck Marketing for other ideas on promoting your business through radio.

Whatever your target audience, business to consumers, business to business, let OMH help formulate the right print strategy to help you reach your target audience. Through newspaper, magazine and direct mail, print media can help get your message to your customers.

Why Advertise
Here are some good reasons for considering a planned advertising campaign.
  • You are a new company or you have new products or services to introduce to the marketplace.
  • You have many competitors and your market share is shrinking.
  • The market has an outdated or inaccurate image of what your company does and the benefits of your products.
  • You have an important social cause or opinion that you want to promote.
  • Your company needs increased sales in order to expand.
But, knowing you need to advertise is just part of the solution.

Our company has the breadth of vision and objectivity to provide our customers with the utmost in product management and marketing.

While it’s often said that ‘everyone is an advertising expert’, the creative talents required to design creative ads and produce compelling broadcast sales messages are found within Oh My Heck Marketing, Inc.

It’s getting harder and harder for companies to cut through the media noise. Print ads are everywhere as we are bombarded with messages at an overwhelming rate — buy this, sell that, works faster, saves money, better customer service, more experience. How do you choose? Although some companies are cutting back on their ad spending, print advertising is still an effective way to position your company and create brand awareness. We will create a clear, consistent and powerful message that will connect your product and the prospect. Oh My Heck Marketing has the experience and talent to articulate unique selling points, identify positioning opportunities and develop your message to your prospects.

Whether you are developing an ad yourself or having someone else craft it for you, make sure it follows the following fundamentals of successful ads.

Here are 5 tips on how to write and design print ads that get noticed*:
  1. Attract attention. That sounds obvious, but nothing else matters unless you can do this. That means having a truly arresting headline and visual element.
  2. Appeal to the reader’s self-interest or announce news. An ad that takes the “you” point of view and tells readers how they will benefit from your product or service. And if, in addition, it has news value, your ad has a better chance of making an impression.
  3. Communicate your company’s unique advantage. In other words, why should the prospect pick your company over a competitor?
  4. Prove your advantage. The most convincing way to do that is through testimonials and stats.
  5. Motivate readers to take action. Give your prospects a reason to contact you via the phone or company website.

* Excerpts taken from the staff of Entrepreneur Magazine