Direct Mail
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left A Direct Mail campaign offers customers a chance to learn about your business. It can also:
* Promote interest in a new product or service
* Generate sales and orders
* Drive traffic to your store, Web site, etc.
* Cultivate long-term relationships
* Build and increase brand recognition

Customers respond to mail that addresses their interests and needs. All it takes is a simple, effective Direct Mail campaign to get people to your door.

A Direct Mail piece will make a lasting impression with your existing customers, create awareness for new customers and reinforce your marketing efforts. Multimedia shoppers spend 30% more dollars than single media shoppers. Oh My Heck Marketing, Inc. has the right people in the right places to handle all of your mail fulfillment needs.

Direct Mail Tips:

Oh My Heck Marketing will work with your list or assist in acquiring a new prospect list to target people that are likely to be interested in your product or service.

Direct Mail with postcards and mailers should be compelling, cost effective and flexible. It allows you to inexpensively target exactly who you want to reach, and can be easily adjusted for new product developments or market trends. Good creative mailers should catch your customer's attention the moment they open their mailbox, increasing your chances of getting noticed. Oh My Heck Marketing, Inc. can do all the creative and execution for your direct mail campaign.

The direct mail piece should immediately grab people’s attention. 2 to 3 key benefits should be boldly listed with the biggest benefit as the headline. Remember you only have 2.5 seconds to catch someone’s attention.

Give a very brief explanation of how you can provide the benefits mentioned.

Great copy writing will persuade prospects to act by giving them a good reason to contact you.

Consider offering a testimonial from a happy customer.

If possible, offer a guarantee. Guarantees eliminate the risk for the person receiving your postcard.

Make an offer or provide a free sample that no reasonable person who had potential interest in your product or service could easily refuse.

Finally, offer an urgent call to action so prospects can easily contact your company.

Oh My Heck Marketing can help develop your direct marketing campaign. We have the resources and expertise to increase your sales leads for a reasonable price and we have the best lists available.

Direct Mail